Fracture Rehab

Breaking a bone can be very disruptive as you can be out of action for anything up to 3 months. While in plaster the bones are knitting together but the muscles and joint are not moving so they become weak stiff and painful. Once the Plaster of Paris [POP] comes off the real work starts! At Stranmillis Physiotherapy we can help you get your movement strength and confidence back by designing a safe exercise programme that is appropriate to your stage of healing. It often takes months to get full strength and movement back and in the small number of cases where full recovery is not possible we will help you make the most of your recovery.

Case Study

Irene who is retired and a keen golfer came to Stranmillis Physiotherapy 3 months after breaking her right wrist in a fall. The POP had been off for 6 weeks and she had been doing the exercises shown to her after it was removed. However her wrist was still very stiff and sore and she was unable to use her right hand properly for everyday tasks. She is disappointed that she has not been able to get back to playing golf because of the pain. She is worried that her wrist will never be better as progress seems to have stopped. On assessment Irene’s wrist was very stiff and the muscles controlling her hand and wrist were weak. She was treated with techniques to restore movement to her wrist and given an exercise programme to improve her strength. She had 4 sessions spread over 8 weeks and was able to do all the things she had previously done. Irene said:

“I’m really pleased with how well it has come on. I really thought it was stuck and would never improve. Getting treatment gave me the confidence to push things a bit more and get better results. I can now play 9 holes and should be able to play a full round in a few months”.

Stranmilllis Physiotherapy