Hamstring strain

Case study

Michael has been playing soccer since childhood and is now in his mid-thirties with a desk job. Every week he plays 5-a-side football, does a training session and plays for his team. For years he has had hamstring problems affecting both legs which seem to be getting worse. Various treatments over the years had given a “quick fix” but the problem had soon returned. By the time he visited Stranmillis Physiotherapy he was considering giving up soccer because as he said “I spend more time injured than playing”. On assessment a major muscle imbalance was found between his buttock muscles (gluts) and his hamstrings so that his gluts were routinely under working and his hamstrings routinely overworking. Treatment consisted of soft tissue releases to prepare various muscles and lots of corrective work to improve the function of his gluts. Because the problem was longstanding (chronic) his recovery took longer than normal and he needs to keep on top of his problem with some “maintenance” exercises. Michael had 7 treatments and was able to return to football training after 6 weeks. He occasionally needs a session or two to supplement his maintenance programme.

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