Myofascial release

This is a gentle massage and stretching treatment that acts primarily on the connective tissue or fascia. Fascia is present throughout the body and forms the framework for every cell, tissue and organ. It also surrounds muscles and connects them to each other throughout the body so that every part of the body is linked to every other part. The importance of fascia has been overlooked until relatively recently in favour of muscles, bones and joints but it is now clear from research that fascia is at least as important as any of these structures as a source of pain and dysfunction. Because it links all structures to each other it can transmit forces from one area to another. If forces are excessive this can lead to problems developing in one area that originate elsewhere. Researchers now believe that fascia rather than the bony skeleton provides the framework for the body. The importance of fascia has changed our view of the way the body works so that instead of thinking of muscles and bones as isolated structures “doing their own thing” we now look at the way the body works as a whole. This approach to assessment and treatment is more likely to get to the root of a problem rather than just focusing on the area of pain

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