Sports Injuries

Some sports injuries are caused by obvious trauma such as spraining an ankle or twisting a knee.  However the majority of people with sports injuries aren’t sure how they got injured or describe a minor event such as an increase in training load. The most likely cause of symptoms is excessive load on the painful area which has built up over time. This is invariably caused by other structures not performing correctly. One example would be a “hamstring strain” that won’t go away or keeps returning despite rest. On assessment a common finding is that the hamstring is over-working because the gluteal and pelvic muscles are under-working. This sets up a vicious cycle of overload on the hamstrings which won’t stop until the correct movement pattern is established.

At Stranmillis Physiotherapy we will treat your pain and symptoms and just as importantly find the cause of your symptoms so the problem does not re-occur. In the small number of cases where complete resolution may not be possible we will teach you how to manage the problem so that you can continue your sport at some level.

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